Professional Development Services


John provides Professional Development Seminars for Elementary Music teachers all over the country through the Bureau of Education & Research (BER).




Accelerate Student Success in Your ELEMENTARY MUSIC PROGRAM Innovative Strategies, Engaging Lessons and Cutting-Edge Activities (Grades K-6)

“John presented the most inspirational seminar I’ve attended in years. Can’t wait to get back to my classroom and try these ideas out with my students.”
– Melissa Ferrie-Healy, K-5 Vocal Teacher

“John is very engaging and knowledgeable! I feel like I can tackle music technology now with a little more ease.“ 
– Mary Abba-Gleason, Choral Teacher

“I loved John’s seminar! I got many useful ideas that I can use right away and others that I can learn to use with my students in the future.“ 
– Stacey Gilcreast, Music Teacher

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